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Downplaying Your Teen’s Drama

How do you deal with your teen’s disappointments, disillusionments & drama? Please share your feedback. Continue reading

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Intimacy Issues

Do you struggle to love your kids, your spouse, your family & friends deeply? Are you hesitant to let others in to know you better and be closer to you? Boy, can I relate. But there’s hope for us.

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It’s Not All About Bikinis, but It’s A Good Place to Start…

It’s camisole, cleavage & bikini season, and I have to approach the topic from several different angles–one with my teenage son, another with my newly teenage daughter, another with the 3rd child soaking it all in. Then there’s another angle…one … Continue reading

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Not A "Do It Myself" Kind of Mother

Being a mom has been the greatest challenge of my life. Truly. I love my kids so much, yet I fail to provide them with my best on a regular basis. While this would be a great time to beat … Continue reading

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The Crowd or Cross? by Vicki Courtney

Hi all, I was perusing Vicki Courtney’s site last night looking for guidance on some stuff I’ve been discussing with my kids about modesty. You know, it’s camisole and swimsuit season, and I have to approach the topic from two … Continue reading

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God's Poster Child

“Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine.” Isaiah 43:1b One night, while talking to another mom at a sporting event, our tongues got a little loose while we chatted—especially mine. Free-flying … Continue reading

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