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Downplaying Your Teen’s Drama

How do you deal with your teen’s disappointments, disillusionments & drama? Please share your feedback. Continue reading

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Mom Came In Like A Wrecking Ball

Sometimes I recall it in slow motion: Those moments when my kids are laughing, bantering back and forth about this and that, volume rising. A friendly debate ensues, and this mom sees it’s fixin’ to get nowhere fast, maybe even … Continue reading

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An “Alternative” Perspective for Moms

My social media news feeds have been buzzing about Olympian freestyle skier & medalist David Wise and his devout Christian faith…otherwise known as an “alternative lifestyle.” I agree the news reporter’s description is a bit alarming at first read, but … Continue reading

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Blog-Walking Season

I love to write. I love to journal & communicate. I love God talk & meaningful faith conversation. Blogging has always been such a great outlet for me, an extra way to process & sort out life. And if it … Continue reading

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Stuff I Love About My Son

Last night, my son came home from being on a 10-day missions trip to Chicago. I dare say he came home changed, yet still the same kind of wonderful. Absence didn’t make my heart grow fonder of him, it couldn’t … Continue reading

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The Crowd or Cross? by Vicki Courtney

Hi all, I was perusing Vicki Courtney’s site last night looking for guidance on some stuff I’ve been discussing with my kids about modesty. You know, it’s camisole and swimsuit season, and I have to approach the topic from two … Continue reading

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