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“But may all who seek You rejoice & be glad in You; may those who love Your salvation say continually, ‘Great is the LORD!’ As for me, I am poor & needy, but the Lord takes thought for me. You are my help & my deliverer; do not delay, O my God!”
Psalm 40:16-17, ESV


Thank you for all who encouraged and prayed for me through the supposed & assumed shellfish allergy, through the spout of vertigo and through the heavy mood swings I’ve been experiencing the past many months.

I’m rejoicing with God my Savior for leading me to a new physician who really listens and tries to get to the bottom of things. She’s a believer in Jesus Christ and puts her faith into practice in her “practice.”

After only ONE visit, a few emails & phone calls (from the doctor herself, believe it or not), I’ve already learned a great deal about what’s been going on.

  1. I do not have a shellfish allergy. I had a children’s virus called parvo, also known as Fifths Disease. It stayed in my system for almost 6 weeks in the form of intermittent hives, red, slapped cheeks & joint swelling and weakness.  Just as many people do, I began to google all these symptoms and had to stop because I felt so awful and began to read the worst case scenario stuff instead of the best case. I can’t express how grateful I am to the Lord that this doctor was able to find what the other doctors didn’t, and that I can still enjoy sushi and shrimp with my hubby (cuz it’s our favorite date night food). Thank You, Lord for this blessing straight from Your hands.
  2. She wasn’t incredibly concerned about the vertigo. It was probably sinus-related, but no matter, because the Lord had already healed me by the time I got there. Thank You for your prayers offered in faith through Jesus Christ.
  3. She’s working to help me get to the bottom of the mood swings. We are starting with two things. First, my thyroid is still not in balance…it is causing me to experience more anxiety than normal, so we’re working on getting it down to normal levels. Secondly, I’m low on Vitamin D3, which can cause lack of energy, a feeling of heaviness and depression. So it COULD be that the anxiety from the thyroid and the lows from too little Vitamin D could cause the swinging effect. Of course I expressed to her that mood swings and cycles of depression have always been an issue for me, so she asked me to keep a journal so she can investigate further and possibly run some hormone tests at more unstable times of month. She wrote me a ‘scrip to get my D levels back up.

I’m amazed, humbled and rejoicing that the Lord has intervened in this way physically. Every day I’m feeling a little bit better, and it causes me to stop and praise Him over and over again. Can you pray I will be faithful to take care of my body in the ways that I know I need to? The Lord led me several months ago to eat fewer calories, nutrition-packed ones, and to exercise regularly. The last few weeks I’ve been distracted and disobedient, so I’ve confessed that and been praying I would trust Him for renewed focus and energy to do what He’s convicted me to do.


I continue to walk through a busy and “heavy involvement” season in family life. Most of it I can’t share publicly, but I am thankful for any prayers the Holy Spirit would lead you to pray for my husband and me as we prayerfully lead, disciple and coach our kids in their faith walks, as well as grow in our own. I’m thankful for all that God is teaching us as we do so each day.


I posted a revision on my speaking page awhile back. I planned to blog about it but didn’t have time. I’d love for you to read it if you’re interested and support my hubby and I in our decision. I’ve experienced incredible peace and relief as a result of following God’s lead.

I continue to write some, but I’ve seen the need to back off considerably. That’s never the recommended route of “success” for a speaker or writer, but I’ve never really considered myself on that route anyway. Well, I take that back…I may have started on it, but it wasn’t long down the road that I realized the Lord wanted me to hold back some for His own purposes. You’ve read my heart on all that before. Thanks for continued encouragement and support.

The Lord has me involved in several lives face-to-face, opportunities to serve him in ways that don’t come easy for me. I’m rejoicing in-between my moments of doubt, because I needed a good stretch anyway. And it still amazes me that I ever doubt at all…He has been, is and will forever be FAITHFUL as I depend on Him instead of my own resources.

I’ll spare you more details, but I so appreciate those of you who walk the journey with me…my friends, my brothers and sisters in Christ and the strangers God leads here to care, to glean or to receive a much-needed word from Him.

When we’re living life by faith in the Son of God, lookin’ at our circumstances through faith-colored glasses, we will surely see His grace, love and faithfulness…shining through each and every one. Great are You, Lord!

“For Your steadfast love is before my eyes, and I walk in Your faithfulness.” Psalm 26:3

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17 Responses to Update on Health, Personal & Ministry Stuff…

  1. Carol says:

    Continuing to pray for you, friend.

  2. I did not know about all that but will most certainly be praying for you. When I had mood swings back about 3 years ago, it ended up being low iodine. Once I got that under control I was completely fine. Just a thought.
    You know I love you my friend and one day when we meet we’ll have a good laugh together and for a short while, all will be well in the world. LOL!

  3. Sweet friend, I’m so glad you’ve found a dr. who will listen to you and treat you accordingly. What a gift… I don’t underestimate its worthiness in the least. As to mood swings, family issues, ministry issues, I’m all in with you on this one. Just wish we lived closer to be a support to one another during this shifting season. We’re living them right alongside you.

    Most importantly, take good care of your “heart” in this time. Writing is a burdensome task when it becomes a “must” rather than a joy. I’m struggling as well. Always here for you in any way I can be of help.

    elane @ peace for the journey recently posted..faith gives a good offering to God

  4. barbeeta says:

    I love you so Sistah – it was imply life giving to just see you and hug you last week. I continue to pray for your precious fam.

  5. You’ve got my prayers, Laura. Life seems particularly tumultuous now for so many. Love you very much.
    Lisa Mikitarian recently posted..Were Prepared to Write Your Mother!

  6. Joanne Sher says:

    So praying for you, my dear sweet La. But you knew that. Thanks so much for the update, and praise God for a doctor who listens. They’re so rare.
    Joanne Sher recently posted..Monday Manna for May 2

  7. Susan says:

    Rejoicing with you, dear friend!

  8. Yvonne says:

    Love you, dear Lalee ((hugs))
    You are in my prayers each day.
    Being a godly mom and wife is the best ministry right now.
    You will have more time later, when your kids have grown. It will come soon, very soon. Enjoy each day while they are still home.
    Love and Prayers,

  9. LauraLeeShaw says:

    Thanks, Carol. I’m praying for you too. Love the prayer bond the Lord has given us, even across the miles. He is good!

  10. LauraLeeShaw says:

    Thanks for that feedback, Kim. And I’m more and more hopeful we’ll get that laugh soon! Hugs back atcha!

  11. LauraLeeShaw says:

    Wouldn’t that be cool to live close together? Well, I’m thankful anyway that through the good God has brought to the internet, we can encourage one another in “type.” 😉

    Thanks for that wisdom and advice at the end. I’ll stay mindful and prayerful on it.

  12. LauraLeeShaw says:

    That hug was awesome! I sure do miss you, but I’ll be praying as we side chatted about. Love you, big Sister!

  13. LauraLeeShaw says:

    Yes, it really does, Lisa, just as the Word says it will be for those who follow Christ. So thankful for His saving Grace and His daily G.R.A.C.E. (God’s Rescuing And Caring Exertion, John Piper). 😉

    So appreciate the privilege to partner with you in prayer as we carry each other’s burdens, thus fulfilling the law of Christ. (Gal. 1:2)

  14. LauraLeeShaw says:

    I’ll bet you know that which all the doctors you’ve had to visit over the years. Thanks for your constant encouragement, Jo.

  15. LauraLeeShaw says:

    Thanks, my dear friend.

  16. LauraLeeShaw says:

    Thanks for affirming our decisions, Vonnie. Love you!

  17. Mari LaVell says:

    Sometimes I read your thoughts and it seems they are mine at that moment too. I appreciate your willingness to be transparent yet positive. Needy but not greedy. (if that makes sense)

    Anyway… I just simply appreciate and love you, and I’m proud to call you my friend.
    Mari LaVell recently posted..Sweet Harmony

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