A Little This, That, Here, There…

Every once in awhile I need to take time to share in the everyday. So here’s a little bit of this, that, here & there in my life:

THIS is the verse I’m pondering today:

Isaiah 32:17 (ESV)

And the effect of righteousness will be peace,
and the result of righteousness, quietness and trust forever.

THAT is not my son driving off all by himself, is it? No way. Yes, that would mean a whole new level of trust and dependence on the Lord.

HERE is a link to my favorite read of the summer. I highly recommend:

The Lord used this book to reveal important truths to me about true peace…idols…conflict…gospel-centered relationships. Go here for info: Peace-Making Women: Biblical Hope for Resolving Conflict by Tara Klena Barthel & Judy Dabler.

Endorsement by Ken Sande:

“I am personally delighted with the greatest strength of this book — it is consistently Christ-centered. Instead of calling women to work harder in their own strength, it calls them to rest more fully and confidently in the redeeming work of Christ. The gospel, the good news that Jesus has saved us from all of our sins, is woven into every aspect of this peacemaking model. The more that Christians embrace this model, the more we will understand what Jesus meant when he told us, ‘My yoke is easy and my burden is light.'”

THERE is where I need to get going. I’m headed out to lunch with a sister in Christ. I don’t think she wants to see me in my jammies. 😉

What’s your this, that, here & there? I need to get to some of my sister’s blogs…maybe I’ll go there with my next free moments. Until then, fill me in!

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3 Responses to A Little This, That, Here, There…

  1. Lisa Mikitarian says:

    My THIS is the Sermon on the Mount. I’ve been reading it out loud in whole for several days in a row. What a template for living dwells in the words of Christ.

    THAT body of mine has some things cropping up that I don’t like.

    My HERE is sitting with a laptop praying for words to catch fire.

    My THERE is Broadway Days today–small town fun. It’s time to get out of these jammies for me, too.

    Hope you havea great day, Laura.

  2. AnaLee says:

    Woah…my brother’s all grown upp:)

    I love that verse by the way. It’s so beautiful to think that God doesn’t just command us to do stuff and not reward us, but he rewards us with exactly what we (everyone) wants deep down inside. Peace:)

    lovu mommy<3
    AnaLee recently posted..Let it speak to you

  3. Mari LaVell says:

    THIS would make an excellent weekly post/meme.
    THAT is an idea I might follow up on.
    HERE is me thinking about it: :-/
    THERE might be some smoke coming out my ears if I think too hard.

    Good to see you posting again, LaLee. 🙂
    Mari LaVell recently posted..Word, Glorious Word!

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