Choosing Gratitude

Cannot recommend this book enough. It was my favorite read of the summer, and one of my favs of all time as far as non-fiction goes. It seems so basic a principle, “Choosing Gratitude.” Of course we know we are supposed to have an attitude of gratitude, giving thanks in all circumstances, counting our blessings one by one…but that’s just it. It can become cliche.

This book is anything but cliche. It’s an encouraging, convicting and convincing challenge to live a “gratitudinal” life, to allow God to develop praise and thanks deep within our hearts. It’s not a feel-good, do this list and you’ll be a thankful person kind of project, but it doesn’t guilt or shame you either. It’s just so SO good.

Here’s a few of the words that impacted me, even though my book is dog-eared and highlighted like crazy:

  • “To a significant degree, your emotional, mental, physical & spiritual well-being, as well as the health & stability of your relationships with others, will be determined by your gratitude quotient. Cultivating a thankful heart is a safeguard against becoming bitter, prickly & sour. A grateful child of God can’t help but be a joyful, peaceful, radiant person.
  • “…a grateful spirit, rooted in the soil of God’s goodness & grace, will radically impact how you view & respond to everything in your life.”
  • “A grateful man or woman will be a breath of fresh air in a world contaminated by bitterness & discontentment. And the person whose gratitude is a byproduct of & a response to the redeeming grace of God will showcase the heart of the gospel in a way that is winsome & compelling.”
  • “But no discussion of Christian gratitude can be complete without being up-front & honest about something further–what it costs. And how it can survive-and thrive-in the midst of intense pain, loss & adversity.”

And though I have about 50 other places underlined in the book, I will leave you with this one…and then I hope you will make the time to read this book by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Just click on the book image above to order. I know that you will be glad and grateful that you did.

“I’m calling for ‘gratitudinal change.’ That’s because I want you to live in the fullness of your relationship with God, not hindered & hamstrung & holding Him at arm’s length, but experiencing Him richly. Feeling at home in His presence. I don’t want you to be destroyed by the inevitable downturns of life–with no answer for the darts of unfair, unpleasant circumstances–a walking bull’s-eye, just waiting for the next arrow to be shot in your direction. I want you to find the God-given reserve to stand strong in the midst of confusing, condemning onslaughts of opposition. I want your head up, lifted by the empowering Spirit of God within you, even when everything else within you is calling for a week in bed with the lights out and the blinds drawn.

“I want your story to be rewritten into a tale of God’s grace, one that He uses to help you be an effective minister of His hope & healing to those who are walking the same kind of path. I want you to be so available to His Spirit’s leading, so aware of others’ needs, & so willing to be open & genuine, that God takes the things Satan meant for evil & transforms them into things of value…no matter who you are, where you’ve been, or what’s happened to you along the way, you can be changed into a person who’s known & marked by gratitude. God can do it in you. Are you ready?”

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4 Responses to Choosing Gratitude

  1. Lisa M. says:

    It sounds POWERFUL and like something I need to go buy.

  2. Sounds incredible! I’ll be sure to check this one out. I wonder if it’s also a possible Bible study option? Always on the look out for something new and meaty and, of course, soul-changing.

    elaine @ peace for the journey recently posted..moving the Kingdom forward in the next sixty minutes . . .

  3. LauraLeeShaw says:

    It really is, Lisa. I could go on and on… 😀

  4. LauraLeeShaw says:

    Not sure if there’s a Bible Study option, but there is a study guide here:

    There’s also a 30 day devotional in the back of the book. I know you would love it, Elaine!

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