Look Mommy in the Eyes

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-mother-holding-little-son-hiding-eyes-image19070776If today is the day you send your child off to school, hug ’em tight an extra second or two.

Before you open the car door, sneak a kiss on the cheek. Then muddy up the other cheek too.

If you’re blessed with the calling to homeschool your child, make sure snuggle hour is one of the most deliberate parts of your day.

Whether your son or daughter is starting the first day of Kindergarten, high school or any grade in-between, no matter the age…no matter the resistance, say this one thing: “Look mommy in the eyes.” Then, “I love you.”

Remember to look in their eyes, for that is one of the views that will never outgrow you,(even during the eye rolling phase). Meet your child eye to eye often and it will remain a familiar place to meet, even when one day you realize you are looking up at them and wondering when that happened.

Don’t take for granted these days, hard as they may seem, because tomorrow might be their first day of college…

Today, even though my baby boy is leaving the house without me for his first day of college, I am counting my blessings that I still have the privilege of knowing he’s just down the hall at night. But that won’t keep me from uttering the same words I’ve spoken year after freaky fast year:

“Austin, look me in the eyes.” He will, because he loves me enough to sacrifice any discomfort that comes along with the teary mommy glare. Then I’ll say, “I love you. Always & forever, no matter the weather.” He’ll hug me, and I’ll squeeze him tight an extra minute, maybe two. I’ll look him in those precious and familiar baby blues once again and remind him for the umpteenth thousandth time, “Remember who & Whose you are.”

Then I’ll steal a kiss from his cheek and hope for one back. Because tomorrow might be the day he leaves home…and how many blinks before his wife gets most of the stares and kisses?

How comforting it is to remember that even when those days come, we’ll still have our familiar meeting place, the place we’ve met time after time…the place that only we share…if only he’ll always remember to look mommy in the eyes.

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9 Responses to Look Mommy in the Eyes

  1. Laury says:

    Very good words, Mama <3 Life goes very fast. Our kids grow up so very quickly. Austin is going to do awesome! Our kids- grown up or little, need lots of prayers as they head out into the world this morning and every day. I always said – Love you, Hug you, Miss you, Kiss you – and some of my friends get that occasionally too:) <3

  2. Oh my friend, this made me teary eyed. They do grow up so fast. And I try so hard to make each day deliberate. Thank you for these wonderful words today to serve as a great reminder.
    Love you!
    Kim @ Homesteader’s Heart recently posted..Homegrown Pineapple!

  3. Lisa M. says:

    sweet. sniff-sniff.
    Lisa M. recently posted..What a Background Investigation Reveals…

  4. Joanne Sher says:

    Ohh sweetie. Gave me goosebumps and tears. BEAUTIFUL!
    Joanne Sher recently posted..Encouragement

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