A Fresh Pair of Eyes, Please

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Psalm 27:7-8
“Hear, O LORD, when I cry aloud; be gracious to me and answer me!
You have said, ‘Seek My face.’ My heart says to You, ‘Your face, LORD, do I seek.’

I greatly long to have a heart that is devoted to Jesus—the kind of devotion that makes my heart, soul and mind passionately dependent upon Him. At the same time, I am not always thrilled at the outcome He provides as a result of my dependence.

I will tell Him over and over that I trust Him, that I believe Him to be my all…in my mind and off of my tongue comes the faith that has not settled itself into my heart. So I will continue to feel restless, wondering why He chose to do this thing or that. It’s sort of like my children’s utterances to me when they were little: “Mom, I love you.” The next minute, disrespect. “I’m sorry, Mom.” The next hour the same offense is performed. They knew they were supposed to love their mommy, so it rolled off their tongues, but their hearts were not fully devoted, especially when they didn’t like my reasoning.

The kind of love that I’ve always desired from my children is the kind that comes from their hearts. When they love with their hearts—the new one that Jesus has given them—oh, that love is precious! When the devotion for their Mom comes as a result of God’s power to soften their hearts and love through them…then the outcome is so, so sweet!

How much does my Father desire that kind of love and devotion from me? The above verse that says “My HEART says to You, ‘Your face, Lord, do I seek….” really showed me how important it is not just to TELL Him with my mouth that I’m seeking after Him. He wants my heart to cry it out!!! He even tells us in the verse that precedes it how to do so. He has said, “Seek my face.” Don’t you wish you could see the face of the Lord for just a second? Look into those eyes of perfect love and grace? I can only imagine…

Believe it or not, we can see His face by seeking Him with our hearts—not with our physical eyes, but with the spiritual ones God gave us when He lifted the veil from our faces. We once were blind, but now we can see! Ask Him to show you Himself today. He will give you a glimpse through His Word. As you see bits and pieces of who He is, your heart will be continually transformed. He already gave us a new heart when we became a Christian. Now He desires to perfect it daily, willingly and joyfully placing it in His hands to transform. As the eyes of our heart are opened and becoming more familiar with His face, we begin to see our own lives and the lives of others through His eyes.

Cry aloud to Him today. Desire to seek His face more than you desire to understand the consequences of His plan. What a joy it would be to see the smile on His face when we say with our mouths and our hearts, “Your face, oh Lord, do I seek.”

“Lord God who rules over all, make us new again.
Let Your face smile on us with favor.”
Psalm 80:19 (NIRV)

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  1. Lisa Mikitarian says:

    I’ll remember that: seek Him with your heart–instead of your eyes. Your words are always an encouragement. <3

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