What Makes Mom Proud

imageOne of my favorite television shows is “Chopped.” It’s a live competition where 4 contestants are given baskets of mystery ingredients to put together “an unforgettable meal” as each course is critiqued by 3 judges. Each round someone is chopped from moving on to make the next plate of food.

Almost every single episode, at least one of the chefs mentions (often with a break in their voice & a tear in their eye) that one of the reasons they are competing is to make their mom or dad proud. The chef’s win would somehow validate their choices and prove their worth in their parent/s’ eyes.

This has been rolling through my mind while sitting through numerous opportunities lately for kids to be awarded for their achievements for the year–athletically, artistically & academically. It’s all fine and good. Really, it is. But there’s something about this performance driven culture that also makes my heart sink a little…

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