How To Make Unforgettable Pot Roast

It should be easy. You buy a slab of good roast meat, stick it in the crock pot with some veggies, turn the puppy on low and let ‘er roast…all day, the smell tempting you to stick a fork in there early and have at it.

This has rarely been the case for me, other than the good smell.

The truth is, I gave up on pot roasts a long time ago. They would always come out dry or tough. And though my family enjoys beef jerky for a snack now and then, it’s rarely a dinner entree pick.

My mom’s pot roast is one of the few good childhood memories I have. Most of the time, she’d serve us Chef Boyardee and Hamburger Helper, frozen pot pies or baked chicken nuggets. Oh, and I still crave the frozen Ore Ida tater tots that I would douse in ketchup. Yum.

I’m not harping on my mom, believe me. I’m shocked she fed us at all with her health issues. (If you’ve never read her jaw-dropping story, click here). But when she made pot roast, it was juicy and yummy and all seemed right with the world. I would always ask for seconds. It was unforgettable.

So last week, I thought I’d try making a roast again. I consulted with two of my non-domestically challenged good cook friends. They both gave me almost identical suggestions, right down to the type of meat to buy. And you know, it came out better than any I’ve ever made, flavorful for sure. But it was still not as juicy as what I’d like, and none of my kids begged for another serving. Whatever special knack my mom or my friends have for making a roast that falls apart and melts in your mouth, well, I just don’t got it.

Why do I care so much? It’s crazy, but I think it’s because just once I’d like to make an unforgettable pot roast. So I’m going to keep trying. I rarely desire to duplicate anything from my upbringing, but this one is worth the challenge.

I’m no fool. I’m guessing that my mom’s pot roast was not always perfect. It probably came out dry a time or two, and it could be pretty gristly. But it’s a fond memory even still.

Sometimes I wonder what my kids’ unforgettable memories will be when they are 40 years old like me. It’s probably not going to be Mama’s pot roast or any of my cooking for that matter. I certainly hope it’s not my shortcomings.

I guess my biggest hope is that they will remember my faith in Jesus Christ, lived out to the full, so delicious that they can’t help but want to duplicate, in their own unique way of course.

Oh yes, Lord, make it so.

“Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” 1 Cor. 11:1, NIV

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6 Responses to How To Make Unforgettable Pot Roast

  1. Joanne Sher says:

    I’m SO with ya (though I have a good crock pot roast recipe you could try if you wanted LOL). Food in hindsight is almost ALWAYS tastier than in the present.

    And I KNOW you will be remembered for your Christly example, my friend. You shine it wherever you go. Love ya!

  2. Catrina Bradley says:

    I have THE best pot roast recipe. I’ve made it in a crock pot before, but it’s tons better in the oven. Okay, to be honest, it’s Betty Crocker’s recipe, but I’ve made it mine over the 20+ years I’ve been making it. I’ll send it to you.

  3. Janis says:

    With you girl on the pot roast! I’m a good cook, I’m a very good cook but pot roast…NOT SO MUCH! dry and just no flavor…I’m stick to my tried and true receipes. I’m a lot like Paula Dean “if it ain’t got butter it SHOULD” maybe that is what wrong with my pot roast?!?!??!

  4. LauraLeeShaw says:

    Jo, would love you to post that recipe here or email me. I’m willing to give it a try, though I’m beginning to wonder if scientists will discover a “bad cook gene” to let me off the hook someday. 😉

    Thanks for your precious words of encouragement. Love you!

  5. LauraLeeShaw says:

    Yes, please do! Thanks, Cat. So good to “see” you, I’ve missed you!

  6. LauraLeeShaw says:

    Haha, Janis, you always crack me up! Wanna come give me some lessons? I’ll buy the big daddy pack of butter from Costco…deal?

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