STAYing Little

As God continues to lay the theme of Staying Little upon my heart and mind, I realize how different this looks for each individual. What is one person’s struggle may not be another’s. That’s an obvious enough statement, I guess.

Since October, I’ve had pangs of conviction regarding my calling as a writer and speaker, what that looks like in the faith life of LauraLee Shaw, and today, God gave me the time and the absolute certainty to act on one direction change for ministry.

You’re here. Everything looks the same. One little change that is a big step in the right direction for me. is now

This is an outward expression of my inner desire to stay little with my life and ministry. I hope you will celebrate God’s greatness with me, the way He has guided me to do what I need to do to be fully surrendered in my faith.

Many, MANY people have their name on a website or url. And honestly, in conferences and workshops we are advised to. Authors and speakers can have their names hijacked by internet pawners by taking their url and then selling it back to them at a VERY expensive rate. It also makes those who write books or who have careers based on their names easy to find. SO I DON’T SEE ANYTHING WRONG OR NEGATIVE OR SINFUL ABOUT IT AT ALL. (I am actually holding onto my old domain name in case I ever need it). Some of the most godly and humble people I know have their name on their website. So you see, it’s not about anybody else.

It’s about God’s idea for me. He knows what’s best, that this is what I need to stay humble and void of pride, and I want to obey Him.

Thanks for your support, love & encouragement!

“He must become greater; I must become less.”

John 3:30

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10 Responses to STAYing Little

  1. Catrina says:

    Woo hoo! Celebrating the AWESOMENESS of God, and how much He loves little ol’ you — your faith is HUGE. 🙂

  2. Yvonne says:

    Lalee, I’m glad you are standing by your convictions. We need to act on what God puts His finger on in each of our lives.
    Love you…no matter what name you give yourself.

  3. Joanne Sher says:

    Just LOVE the way you follow His lead. Love ya, sweetie
    Joanne Sher recently posted..Taking Credit- Monday Manna

  4. Lisa Mikitarian says:

    I, too, love you–no matter what the name–a rose is still a rose…

  5. Your Fav Daughter says:

    I like ur new namee(:

  6. LauraLeeShaw says:

    I love you, Cat. Thanks for your encouragement. 😉

  7. LauraLeeShaw says:

    Love you too, Vonnie. Thanks!

  8. LauraLeeShaw says:

    Thank you, Jo. You always encourage me. Love you too.

  9. LauraLeeShaw says:

    Thanks, lil Angel.

  10. LauraLeeShaw says:

    I’m a rose? Yay! Thanks, Lisa. I really appreciate that and love you too.

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