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“The Grinch doesn’t have to steal Christmas each year. As our fast-paced culture continues to evolve, words like ‘broke, exhausted, stressed & depressed’ have hijacked the ‘Happy’ out of our Holidays. Inspired by the carol, ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas,’ comes the practical devotional The Twelve Stays of Christmas. Using the book of Proverbs, along with creative lyrics to the tune of the familiar carol, Christians will be encouraged to STAY focused on the wisdom only God could use to return our focus to Christ, not just at Christmas, but the whole year through…”

Praise for The Twelve STAYS of Christmas

LauraLee’s practical approach and winsome spirit dares me to see past the chaos of the Christmas season to the saving Christ—the One born to die.
Dr. Matthew R. St. John, Teaching Pastor, Bethel Church, Fargo, North Dakota

LauraLee’s Christmas Devotional was truly an inspiration.  Embarrassingly, I hadn’t realized how far I had slipped into the commercial Christmas trap until just now. LauraLee’s devotion was a nice gentle reminder of how and why to put the C-H-R-I-S-T back in our Christmas.  Thank you LauraLee!
Kay Phillips–Wife, Mother of 3,  Personal Trainer/Exercise Instructor

Chicago, Illinois

Creatively inspirational!” … the only way to describe this book.  Not your typical Christmas story. Certainly not a holiday fairy tale.  Author LauraLee Shaw challenges the reader with Christmas wisdom found in the Proverbs written by King Solomon centuries before the birth of Christ. Used as a daily meditation, the messages inject a unique blend of powerful truth and candid insight into the stressors of the typical holiday season.  Set in the landscape of reality, this book provides tools to transform the Christmas season using life-altering spiritual disciplines of Christian faith. Don’t just merely survive Christmas; take charge of your holiday season armed with The Twelve Stays of Christmas.
Jan Ross–President and Co-Founder of Heart of God International Ministries, Author, Public Speaker, Bible Teacher

Willard, Ohio

LauraLee has a wonderful way of speaking truth “with you”, instead of “to you”.  You know from her insight that she has truly walked down her personal path of discovery with the Lord as she shares from her heart … how refreshing and personal!
Barbee Eberhart–Lover of Jesus, Mentor, Pastor’s Wife

Chagrin Falls, Ohio

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  1. Lisa Mikitarian says:

    Cool Laura! I’ll be getting one for sure!
    Congrats and love the cover/title.

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  3. Vicki Cooper says:

    This sounds like a wonderful book! I hope to have one of my own some day! Love your idea for the title & theme for your book!

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